Friday, March 2, 2012

Change, do I really want it?

Currently, I am a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old son.  My husband works and brings in a decent income and I recieve disability income while I'm not working due to being bipolar.  The stress of going back to work might derail my stability, which is why social security allows a trial work period.

I am about to use that trial work period, but I need to obtain a job first.  I've had one interview and will have another tommorrow.  I've also submitted my resume to a few other places.  I was so overwhelmed at that first interview; I hope only because I haven't interviewed in almost 4 years and that my future interviews will go better.

Along with having to find a job, we're having to find an affordable daycare for my son.  Since I recieve a monthly income through disability, whatever job I get must make up for that and also cover daycare to make it worth going back to work.  This alone makes me request a minimum salary from any job offer; which does not go over well with some employers.

So far the two daycares we've looked at have not impressed me.  I'm probably expecting too much because I want it to be perfect for him and there's no such thing.  A lot of daycares require him to be fully potty trained and he's not quite there yet.

All of this change is hard for me, but I want it.  I think a part time adjustment period is necessary for both me and my son before we both go full time in a couple years.  It's just so much easier to stay in the comfort zone of what is known, but that would not be good in the long run.

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