Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not fair!

It's so frustrating having this desire to drink when I'm upset and knowing that it will just lead me to a downward spiral of idiotic behavior.  The part that is the most frustrating is watching other people, such as on television, going through difficult times and seeing them turn to drinking and it being fantasized as a solution.  It makes me think why can they do it and not me?  It's not fair!

I need to realize it's an outlet for some people who can handle it.  I can't handle it; so I need other outlets.  Blogging is one of them...punching my pillow is another ;-)

My frustration husband was going to a baseball game with some friends and I had somewhat of an idea what time they were leaving because I knew what time the game started.  But, all of a sudden he said he had to leave like an hour earlier, which totally screwed with my idea of what was going to go down.  I wanted him to help me cut our sons hair while he did his then have them shower together to get him clean, which did not happen.

Oh well...I'm gonna take our son to the beach...gotta get out of this house!