Friday, January 4, 2013

Haven't written in FOREVER!

I know, I know.  It's been awhile.  Well here I am, unable to sleep with a gazillion things on my mind.  Well not actually a gazillion, but one major issue: going back to work.

A while back I wrote on how social security was reevaluating my disability; I haven't officially received the notice, but I am pretty sure I have been denied considering they did not deposit my monthly payment into my bank account.  I am broke; not technically because my husband has an income, but it makes me feel inadequate.
My major concern is finding a job and keeping it.  My last experience was a bust; getting fired before my 90 days were up.  I'm scared.  I haven't ever felt this way about obtaining a job, but since I've waited so long since the firing issue my fear has built up over time.

I should have just got right back in the saddle again, but my husband and I agreed I should try to obtain my disability again because working was so stressful on me.

As I sit here eating my chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream, I wonder can I do this?  Or will the stress push me over the edge?