Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football Sunday and Anti-Socialization

I love football Sunday!  Just relaxing at home all day with my family.  Not having to go anywhere or do anything. It plays to my anti-social side.  I've never liked going out and "socializing".  I would prefer to stay at home on a friday night rather than go out to a party.  Especially now that I am not drinking I would definitely rather stay home.
I guess that's why I married someone who is more social than me.  It's not just that he likes to socialize with friends, but he talks to complete strangers also.  One day when he was walking around the neighborhood with our son he saw two boys playing outside with their parents and he just started chatting them up.  Now our son is friends with those two boys and they have play dates, which is nice, but if it were up to me I would have never done that.  Since we've been married I have come out of my shell more, but I do have barriers.
The question I have is, are outgoing personalities something that is learned or something that is genetic?  Because, when I was younger I really was an introvert.  I see my son at the park or a public place and he is usually not the one to go up to other kids...he just does his own thing until someone comes up to him.  I believe he gets that from me.  While my husband is the one to go up to others and his parents are a lot like that also.  My parents, especially my mom, are extroverts and so is my brother.
I think that socializing qualities involve a little bit of both genetics and learned behavior; only because I have become more outgoing over the years, even though I don't really enjoy it.
Who knows...all I know is I really enjoy a quiet day at home every now and then.

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  1. I believe it is learned behavior, based on the fact that I was shy when I was a kid. Now I am the husband that introduced himself to the neighbors. I do love football on Sundays so no complaints here.


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