Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying to Go with the Flow

As a woman pointed out to me in my AA meeting, that when my alcoholic or bipolar tendencies act up, I need to just go with the flow.

This really hit home because lately I have been fighting very strongly against many things.  As I've been coming out as an alcoholic to people, I have been sharing my atheist beliefs as well.  This has caused much more of a stir in my strong christian family/ friends network, than my alcoholism.  So much that I felt on the defensive at once and decided to fight back.  I wasn't going to let anyone get the best of me and my beliefs!

Well now I've realized that not only was this causing pain to everyone I cared about, it was causing turmoil in myself.  I know what I believe and I know what my family believes, but I don't need to "convert" them so to speak.  I felt that I needed to open their eyes by stating facts that show the bible and christian teachings were bogus.  Of course all this did was get them to retort with their own reasons they believe the way they do.  No matter what I said or did, it wasn't going to change how they believed; just like no matter what they say or do, it won't change how I believe.

It is going to be rough, but I am going to keep my strong opinions to myself unless asked.  At least, I can state them here in my blog in case I really feel the need! ;-)


  1. I am SO incredibly happy for you that you're going to AA meetings and have stopped drinking! That's totally AWESOME! Good for you! Such a big step, I'm very impressed! Now you'll have to change your blog name! (wink)

    As far as your beliefs, I'm a Christian, as you might already know, and you're right, you won't "convert" them, they will just try to "convert" you, but I promise you they mean well, it's because they care about you. With some people, I've learned to pick my battles, religion being one of them, politics another. I'm strongly opinionated like you are, and many people have NO problem telling me what they believe which conflicts with my own beliefs, but sometimes it just isn't worth the argument, you know? If they press me for what I believe, you bet I give them an earful, otherwise, I just don't comment either way. (And when I do, I've lost friends and family members over it!) So...live and let live I say, and the more peace and less stress in my life, the better! : )

    By the way, have you read John 3:16? Haha!

    1. Thanks for the comment...I can't change the name of my blog though because I am an alcoholic even though I'm going to AA. :-)


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