Monday, July 4, 2016

Staying Busy

A little over a month ago I accepted a job at the animal shelter I have been volunteering at for a few years. I hadn't been interested in going to work for them until recently when I realized having too much time on my hands is dangerous.

Its been over four months now since my brother has passed. The first month I know I was in a depression because I slept a lot and ate a lot. I allowed myself that comfort with the feeling of entitlement.

About 2 months ago I believe is when I started snapping out of it and realizing if I dont do something with my time this could continue much longer.
Im not saying its bad to grieve; I still think of my brother every day. Its just I know he wouldnt want me lying in bed all day crying and imagining what if scenarios.

This new job is bringing me much needed joy in my life.

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