Thursday, April 10, 2014

Religious Donations

     So this post may seem a bit greedy and angry, but I don't care because it addresses a serious problem I have with religions in general.

     My grandpa passed away recently and my uncle and dad had an estate sale.  They received $3600 from the items remaining in his house.  $1000 of it was given to my older brother for a Christian mission he will be going on this summer to Mexico.  The other $2600 was donated to the huge ass church my grandpa attended.  Now, I do realize this is something my grandpa would have wanted, but I believe it is completely wrong.

     For one thing this church has at least 5000+ members who frequently donate money.  The church itself is extravagant; this is one of my major problems with churches and religions.  They say that their main purpose is to do charitable acts and spread the "word" of god.  Why then do they spend millions on enormous churches where people attend, instead of putting the money to those who need it!  I just know the $2600 they received from my family went straight to a fund to purchase more big screen tv's!

     The other thing that upsets me is there are 4 grandchildren; why did my brother receive $1000?  It is because he is going on a mission to share the beliefs of my family, excluding me.  The money should have been distributed evenly.

     Part of what worries me is pure selfishness I know, but the house my grandpa owned is going to be put up for sale.  My religious family will distribute the money according to their misguided beliefs.

     Religion blinds people into giving away money that should be given to those who need it.  Just look at the rich evangelists that exist in the Christian religion pastors

     My family is not starving and has shelter, so yes I do not need the money myself; although it would help because we are not well off either.  But I tell you there are plenty of others who need it other than large, indoctrinating superstructures!



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