Thursday, October 1, 2015

Long time no write...

     Its been over a year since I "blogged". I just haven't felt the need to. I started this blog as a therapy for myself knowing that hardly anyone would read it but if they did maybe it would help someone. 
     Ive had a rough year so far. After over 3 years of sobriety I drank again and got myself into some trouble. An accident, DUI, and child endangerment charges. $10000 just for a lawyer and much more for court fees classes and therapy. Everyone wants their money. No one was hurt in the accident, but my 5 year old son was in the car so I have been explaining to him with the best of my ability the negative impact of alcohol.
     As if that wasn't enough there have been even more problems in my marriage and family.
     2004 was a horrible year for me, but this one is creeping up as a close second.
     One bright side is I was able to go on my trip to Europe with my BFF. We went to Paris then Rome. It was amazingly beautiful! The trip was tainted by my recent DUI and jail experience, but I was still able to enjoy.
     I am now going to a We Agnostic AA meeting I found which has been so helpful. I found a sponsor who is agnostic as well and working the steps with me without the god crap.
     Recently Ive been having some struggles with a client of mine, Im a pet sitter and their dog is slowly starving to death because of an underlying digestive condition. Last time I cared for him I took him to the vet because he was severely dehydrated. They spent around $500 for diagnostics and treatment which I realize is a lot but when your an animal owner these things happen and you are responsible. I didn't see him for a month and yesterday just started caring for him again. He is much worse off, very skinny and wont even go for a walk. The owner is refusing to spend any more money at the vet unless he's in "pain". He is literally starving!!! I cant stand it.
 I don't know what to do.

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