Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas thus far...

Christmas day is usually spent with my husband's side of the family because there are kids on that side; so we were finishing up opening presents with our son when my mother-in-law called and said christmas over there was cancelled due to mostly everyone being sick with the flu.  It was disappointing.  We didn't know what to we called my mom to see what she was up to.  We ended up meeting with her and my stepdad at a Denny's for lunch and then going to a nearby park to play.  It was a weird, but fun christmas day; we didn't have the traditional christmas dinner, but it was still fun and we'll get plenty of traditional dinners this upcoming week.

Since we did not go over to my in-laws yesterday, we are going over there tomorrow.  Supposedly they are better, but who knows.  All I know is I bought us airborne and we are sooo using it.  It's rough going over there to my husband's parents house because there are so many people living in a small house that it is somewhat depressing.

The rest of the week is pretty booked.  Wednesday we are going over to my cousins for my dad's side of the family, thursday we have one of my husband's old coworkers coming over for dinner, and friday we are going to my grandma's for my moms side of the family.  My husband usually saves his vacation time up so he can take the whole week off between christmas and new years, which is pretty cool; it's amazing though how quickly the time gets filled with stuff to do.

My best friend came over last night and stayed most of today.  We got to take her to a play place called scooter's jungle where we love to take our 2 year old son.  It has a bunch of bouncers and huge slides that the kids and adults get to play on.  We had a blast!

Christmas eve we had one of our neighbors over for dinner with her two kids that like to play with our son.  We played games, ate dinner, and exchanged gifts.  That is something I would not do if it weren't for my son and husband.  They are the social butterflies, not I.

So far christmas has been unexpected but good...we'll see how everything goes as the week progresses.

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