Friday, December 30, 2011

Messed up Christmas!

This year has got to be one of the worst christmas' yet.  Previously I posted how my husbands side of the family all got the flu so christmas day got postponed 'til tuesday.  That went well, as well as any chaotic family gathering can be.

Then wednesday we hung out with my dad's side of the family and that was great.  Then driving home that night my husband started feeling sick.  We both ended up getting the 24 hour flu and we were up all night.  The next day we were feeling better, we were just tired.

I told my mom we were feeling better and should be able to make it out for christmas on friday (today).  She was worried we were still contagious and my grandma and her basically banned us from coming out!  I was so upset...I understand there is a slight chance that they might catch it from us, but there is also a slight chance that they can catch something from just entering public places; that doesn't turn them into hermits though, does it?

Anyways, now we are trying to figure out how we are going to reschedule our christmas on my moms side.  With my brother's work schedule along with my husband's it is hard to do.  I sorta don't want to do it anymore.  I'm almost tired of christmas and the chaos involved.  It is a great time seeing family, but it can be extremely stressful too.  I see why some people just leave and go on vacation during the holidays.

It's just not side of the family's christmas got screwed up cuz of my husband's side.  If there weren't 10 people living under one roof, the 24 hour flu wouldn't have lasted and transmitted to us almost 2 weeks later!  It pisses me off that my in-laws have allowed their drug abusive daughter live under their roof over and over again.  It's gotten to the point of beyond ridiculousness!  Since there are kids involved I understand the hesitance to kick them out, but come on!  They are not doing anything to improve their lives...they are just going to be moochers forever.

Their harboring has trickled into our lives over and over again.  When is enough, enough!?!?!

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