Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gotta bitch!

I will never shop at valu+ again!  For one thing their prices were horrible for a supposed warehouse.  Plus the people shopping there were rude as fuck!  I was yelled at by a black woman, sorry a Jamaican woman, because I moved her shopping cart outta my way.  She called me lazy; whatever, you're the fat bitch that left her cart in the middle of the aisle!

The reason I went there in the first place was cuz I saw their diapers were a good price in the ad; when I found them they were a higher price and not even in my sons size!

I had my son with me so instead of yelling back at that psycho woman, I just looked at her with my angry eyes and said ok in a sarcastic voice.  Talk about someone who needs to remove the stick up their ass!

Lastly, to end my bitching, I had to bag my own groceries, a huge pet peeve of mine, in the flimsiest bags ever. 

There, I feel better, sorry you probably feel crappy now.

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