Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Idiotic Parents

From what I've seen there are two extremes of parenting...
-the neglectful parent who ignores their child as they pull down everything off the shelves at the store
-and the overprotective parent who won't even let their child go down the slide at the park because there's a speck of dirt on it.
I fall somewhere in between and so do most other parents, but there are those occasional idiots.
The neglectful parents are the ones I really can't stand.  Today I took my son to a play place that has bouncers and slides that adults can play on too; there is one area for bigger kids that has a zip-line.  I make sure my son does not walk in there so he doesn't get kicked in the head.  You would think other parents would do the same.  Of course there was this one mom who watched her daughter walk into the area and instead of going in there to grab her she just called to her.  If your child does not respond and come to you when you first call, go get her you idiot!  I wanted to walk up to her and slap her silly.  In fact there have been several times I've wanted to go up to parents or their children and correct them.
Some people should just not be parents.

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