Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What makes me want to drink?

     I've been sober for over 30 days now and I am to the point where my mind tells me I need a drink.  I've never been one to drink every day.  The cravings usually come up for me about once a month.  I'll feel overwhelmed, anxious, and just in the "need" of a drink.  It's usually some stressor in my life that gives me the excuse to have a drink.
     If it was just one drink, I'd probably be ok; but I can't take just one drink.  I guess that is why I am an alcoholic.  When I set out to drink its to get so far drunk that I don't have to think or deal with anything.  Unfortunately, I usually do something stupid when I'm drunk which gives me more problems than I started with.
     So this is what makes me want to drink,
1.  my son won't go to bed and I am butt tired and do not want to fight with him anymore.
2.  basically any time my son decides to be stubborn and I don't want to deal with him.
3.  I'm going to have to be in a social situation that makes me feel uncomfortable.
4.  I have to hang out with people I know are going to be boring.
5.  other people inflict rudeness and stupidity on me or in my life.
6.  other people around me are drinking and having fun.
7.  I can't go to sleep because my mind is wandering with too many thoughts.
8.  I see wine or beer on sale or displayed on the end caps in the store.

     Of course there are probably a thousand other reasons I have gotten drunk in the past, these are just a few recent ones.  Hope you enjoyed my woes...what are some of the reasons you get drunk?

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