Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last night, we were watching Two and a Half Men and one of the characters, Lindsay, made me realize how grateful I am to be sober.  During the entire episode she was drinking wine and barfing all over the place including her boyfriends mouth when she was kissing him!

It so reminded me of my drinking days, from what I've been told; I never barfed in someones mouth though, I don't think.  I never really saw the full aspect of my drinking because I was wasted and usually blacked out.  It was others around me who saw the disgusting results of drinking too much.

I think if every alcoholic was shown a video of their actions while drunk, it would make them want to stop.  My husband took a photo of me the last time I was passed out drunk and it has haunted me since.

I have 5 months under my belt now and plan to continue to stay sober 'til the day I die!

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  1. Major congrats and hugs for being 5 months sober! : ) I know it must have been extremely hard, but you did it, and you keep doing it! I didn't see that episode of Two and a Half Men - that sounds really gross!


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