Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Funeral

My grandpa passed away last night sort of out of the blue.  He seemed to be fine to everyone around him, but he did have several health problems and it's not a complete shock that he died.  I wasn't real close to him and am at peace with his passing since he did live a long full life.

The thing that I am unsure about is wether I want to attend his funeral.  My entire family is christian and the last funeral I went to for my grandma was like being in a church service.  I know it brings them comfort to think about their loved one going to "a better place", it's just that I don't buy into that BS!  It's just so frustrating to see everyone praising god and trying to get people to accept jesus christ into their hearts so that they will go on to heaven if they die (such as my atheist self).  It's just so unfair preying on the vulnerability of those experiencing a loss to try and get them to convert!

Sometimes I wanna just shout out that they are all morons and need to realize that even if there was a god he/she obviously is not a personal god or else there wouldn't be as much suffering as there is in this world.  I want to point out the fact that if people go on to be with their loved ones in an afterlife then how does it work for widows?  Do they end up with their first wife or husband or their second or even their third?  Or do they all of a sudden become a mormon in heaven with two wives or husbands?

I don't know how much longer I can keep my cool in situations such as these church like funerals; this is why I might abstain from going.  If my mom really says she needs me to go I will, but I may have to get a few words in about the absurdity of an afterlife.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather! :( What did you decide to do? It's definitely a personal decision whether to go or not to go. Where you didn't know him that well, maybe it's not such a big deal. I did know my grandfather very well and didn't go to his funeral because my mother told me she didn't want me there and have always regretted it. You only get one shot in your life at this - make the wrong decision, and you regret it for life, you know?

    1. I actually still haven't decided but I think it might be decided for me. It is going to be scheduled on a weekday next week and if that's the case, my husband can't get off work because his boss is out of town all week. Plus I won't be able to get anyone to watch my two year old son because most of the people who normally do are either at work or going to be at the funeral. I'm sure my family will understand. Thanks for your advice!


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