Sunday, February 5, 2012

There is no afterlife, sorry.

I've been an atheist for several years now; ever since I attempted suicide in 2004 and almost died.  The doctors stated to my family that I actually did die for a few seconds when my brain was not receiving oxygen.  I remember nothing; meaning when I was supposedly dead I remember black and nothing, like I was just asleep without dreaming.  No white light, dead family members, or spiritual awakening occurred in those few seconds.  In fact it was the complete opposite, a spiritual dying.  I realized there is nothing out there.  Our lives are here and now and too many people pass them up dreaming of an afterlife.

Many other people have expressed different stories while they have been "dead".  I believe they are all illusions that their brains have conjured up, such as very elaborate dreams.  Our minds are very complex, so much that all the studies in the world cannot come up with what is going on up there.  Maybe someday we will understand the human brain, but until then one cannot conclude that white lights upon entering death is anything more than mental trickery.

Enjoy your life today, there is no guarantee for the future.

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