Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trying to create an SOS group

So I have decided AA is not for me due to the fact that it is so religious oriented.  There is a group called SOS (save ourselves) that has a similar concept to AA only it doesn't require someone to have a higher power.

The problem is there are not as many meetings locally like AA.  I want to start one up in my area, but it is hard to find people to do so.  I am going to drive to Cypress, which is about 20 minutes away for now.  I live in the Torrance, Redondo Beach area of California.  Hopefully through networking I will be able to get a group started up locally so I don't have to drive as far for long.  Until then I will because it is worth the feeling of fitting in.

I enjoyed the AA home group I had, but I just felt uncomfortable every time someone started god talking and when they ended with a prayer.  Anyone trying to get sober shouldn't have to feel that way.  I hope SOS gets large enough so others in my situation can benefit.

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